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Imabari Towel flavored by the heartfelt hospitality that only Japanese can materialize.

This site features the towels with excellent water absorption and safety which are produced by Shikoku Towel Industry Association Cooperative based in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, the towel production center with largest output.

imabari towel production area materialized the presentation of fine and soft feeling and brilliant colors by use of low hardness quality water with very little heavy metal components for bleaching.
Taking advantage of above imabari towel production area enhanced the dyeing technology and became the largest towel production center in Japan.


Imabari in Shikoku have a tradition of looking after free of charge the people on pilgrimage of visiting 88 temples on foot.
According to the tradition people provided the pilgrims with food, beverage, towel, money, etc.
out of their own havings unselfconsciously.
Imabari has the culture of producing towels friendly to people based on the thoughtfulness of “heartfelt hospitality”, or warmness or peace, featuring imabari towel.

Imabari facing with Seto Inland Sea is a temperate area having many islands enjoying the riches of the sea and the soil.
Towel flavored with the heartfelt hospitality materialized only by Japanese can be produced only in such area.

This site provides the information so that imabari towel will be known world-wide.
We will answer questions about our products at this portal site for business transactions.
We will be happy, if “imabari towel" become known and used by the people around the worlds.

Imabari Textile Resource Center
5-14-3 Higashimon-cho、Imabari Ehime 794-0033 Japan
TEL: 0898-23-8700  FAX: 0898-23-8702

Shikoku Towel Industry Association
5-14-3 Higashimon-cho、Imabari Ehime 794-0033 Japan ,
Ehime-ken 794-0033 JAPAN
TEL:0898-32-7000  FAX:0898-32-3842