Dealing with the personal Information

We may ask you to provide your personal information on our website in order to use it for our customer service.
We protect the personal information as stated below in accordance with our “personal information protection policy.”

Items and the method of collecting our customers’ personal information
We may collect personal information in the method stated as below.
The personal information includes customer’s name, address, telephone number, email address, browsing history,
and any other necessary information provided by our customers through our website for their shopping, applying for a gift,
newsletter subscription, survey, inquiry, etc. We may use this information to identify a customer by item or a combination of the items listed above.

Personal information collecting method 1 (through our website)
We collect private information (personal information) from our customers by requesting them to fill out their private information on the inquiry or order form in our website.

Personal information collecting method 2
We may collect the personal information when receiving emails, letters, documents, telephone calls or direct conversation.

Personal information collecting method 3
(when a customer accesses our website)

We may collect information on our customers’ browsing histories for our website. This information is used for searching the customers’ interests and activities. This includes information such as the customers’ URL browser types and their IP address.

Personal information maintenance
(We protect and supervise the customer’s information)

We carefully and strictly manage the personal information by constantly and accurately updating it and preventing it from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage or being transferred to the third party (except for the cases mentioned in the “Provision of the information to the third party.”)

The purpose of collecting the personal information
For the further project, development or sales of our products
We may analyze the personal information and use it for marketing and sales promotion. We may also tally up and analyze the information, and process it into a statistical data through which an individual cannot be identified, in order to use the data for developing the product and improving the service.

For providing the products and services stably, promptly and accurately
We may use the personal information to provide our customers products, service, documents or information, and to solve the troubles on site management or problems related to our products or services. Personal information provided by a customer shall never be disclosed or provided to the third party without the customer's agreement. For managing our website, however, we may disclose our customers’ personal information to companies we have entrusted in the following cases: when the customer agrees to disclose the personal information; when laws or government and municipal offices request. In this case, we limit the personal information to be disclosed only within the necessary range. We strictly manage our customers' personal information by making a contract with the party to be disclosed.

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