Introduction of Towel Production Center, Imabari

The imabari towel has been produced since 1894 when the cotton flannel machine was converted for manufacturing towels. Today about 4,000 looms and 3,000 employees in Imabari produce an annual shipment value of 50 billion yen, which forms more than 60% of the entire towel production in Japan.

There are 123 companies making the imabari towel in Imabari City. The “imabari towel” does not mean a product from a single manufacturer but a towel made in the Imabari area. The logo mark “imabari towel japan” shows that they have passed the quality standards set by the Shikoku Towel Industrial Association. We are proud of the technology and quality that Japan can produce and have been distributing our towels all over the world.

The birthplace of the imabari towel is Imabari City which is located on an island called Shikoku in Japan, with a population of 180,000. Surrounded by the sea, the city has prospered through seaborne traffic for many years. The production of towels along with other fiber and large shipbuilding businesses ranks at the top in Japan. The city is also famous for high-class stones, tiles, and lacquer wares which were used for old Japanese castles.