Designing with the sensitivity of feel

imabari towels are the result of an immense level of knowledge acquired efficiently within a short history
of 110 years or so. In order to make towels that, while being great for various purposes and usage,
are also easy and gentle to use, master craftsmanship of various crafts work together from material selection,
weaving, and dyeing all the way to post-processing. Thanks to this all-in-one cooperation, Imabari is the only
production area that can keep producing new towel products no others can imitate.
Even a white towel can be created in innumerous ways depending on the craftsmanship; towels are
made differently according to the thickness, quality, and material of the threads used. And as limited as
towels are as a fabric type, by applying such techniques as Jacquard print, embroidery, and sewing,
we are able to develop original weaving techniques and create infinite possibilities for design that are
more sophisticated.